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Decocrete Concrete Repair Mortar (Powder)

QC Concrete Repair Mortar (Powder) is a polymer-modified, two-component smoothing and resurfacing compound for concrete floors and decks. It can be applied to any thickness from featheredge to three inches with perfect adhesion. Compare to conventional concrete toppings, QC Concrete Repair Mortar (Powder) has greatly improved adhesion, greater abrasion resistance, less shrinkage, greater resistance to water and salt penetration, and better tensile strength.



Coverage rate for one gallon of QC Concrete Repair Mortar Liquid and one bag of QC Concrete Repair Mortar Powder is 2.8 square meters at ¼-inch thick.



QC ConCrete Repair Mortar Liquid is available in 1- and 5-gallon containers. QC ConCrete Repair Mortar Powder is available in 18-kilogram bags.



Store between 50-80 °F in sheltered environment; do not store in sunlight; sealed, unopened product is under warranty for one year.