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Decocrete Cemseal

QC CEMSEAL, its matte to satin level of gloss, and resistance to oil or water penetration, QC CEMSEAL is an excellent sealer for both interior and exterior surfaces. This product is a good choice for driveways, garages or any concrete surface where staining and dirt may be problems.



  • A water-based 100% acrylic emulsion, QC CEMSEAL can be used both as a base coat for other water-based sealers or as a topcoat to dust-proof and protect concrete.
  • Increases durability of concrete surfaces.
  • Ideal for interior surfaces where solvent-based material cannot be used.


Driveways, Walkways, Patio, Terrace, Al Fresco; Swimming Pool Decks, Parks etc.


1 Pail – 75 sqm.

1 Gal – 15 sqm.