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Decocrete Bond Coat

QC BOND COAT LIQUID  is used as a primer for QC Repair Mortar, Thin-Pave NI and Concrete Resurfacer. QC Bond Coat Liquid has three primary functions.

  1. Increases polymer concentration at the substrate bond line, which increases overall bond strength.
  2. Semi-waterproofs the substrate, which reduces surface porosity.
  3. Lubricates the surface, which promotes increased adhesion.



Coverage rates will vary depending on the texture of the substrate. The amount of QC Bond Coat Liquid can vary from job-to-job depending on the ambient temperature, humidity and texture of the surface. Rough, broomed, exposed aggregate and imprinted surfaces will reduce coverage as much as 50 percent. For textured finishes, an on-site sample is recommended to determine the actual coverage rates. One gallon of QC Bond Coat Liquid covers approximately 20 – 25 square meters.



QC Bond Coat Liquid is available in 1 and 5 gallon containers.



Store between 50-80 °F in sheltered environment; do not store in sunlight; sealed, unopened product is under warranty for one year.